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SEO Product List

Drive traffic to your website via search engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN.
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Kickstarter (One Time)

The Local Business SEO Kickstarter is designed to establish a very strong foundation of links and web presence for nearly any local business, targeting a geo-specific keyword. This campaign is designed for new websites, or otherwise websites with very low existing web presence, in order to kickstart the ranking process. In some cases, page-1 SERP positions may be achieved.


Campaign Includes:

  • Local Business Listing Submissions
  • Pro Press Release
  • Web 2.0 Authority Properties (PR5+) + 5K Reinforcement Links (TIER 2)
  • SocialRank with Google+

Climb & Defend Lite (Ongoing)

The Local Business Climb & Defend Lite package is designed to produce consistent promotion & SERP lift for nearly any local business, targeting a geo-specific keyword. It also perpetually defends existing rankings. This campaign is designed for sites with some existing level of web presence (backlink foundation), including sites that already rank, or nearly-rank, for their intended keyword targets – to ensure that they continue to climb and/or stay ranked!

Remember that landing a #1 – #3 ranking on page 1 of Google’s SERPs for your target keyword is generally the result of a sustained link campaign over several months. This is why we offer both the Kickstarter and Climb/ Defend packages.

Campaign Includes:

  • Guest Posts on Key Industry Sites – DA20+
  • Entry-Level Guest Posts on Key Industry Sites – DA10+

*We only approach established sites. This means that not only do these publications add tremendous power to your link profile, but in most cases, each individual posting can become a long-term traffic source in and of itself.


  • We only publish on 100% real sites
  • We ensure the content is carefully crafted
  • We ensure links are natural and well researched anchors

Local Lead Generation Micro Website

Completely 100% done for you website optimized for lead generation.

Key Features:

‣ Perfectly optimized for converting leads (web, phone – or both!)
‣ Perfectly optimized for SEO
‣ Custom logo & professional template design included!
‣ Customized web forms
‣ Fully-functional, built-in lead management system – and realtime lead forwarding. (Powered by InboundNow)
‣ Advanced tracking & custom script insertion options – perfect for things like retargeting, conversion goals, and
so on.
‣ Built exclusively with 100% unique content. (6 full-content pages, including a premium article for the homepage).
‣ Built on WordPress and other popular open-source plugins, so that you can easily edit or modify your sites as
‣ Installed and set up for you, on your existing domain in real-time, so that the moment its complete – its ready to

Perfect For:

✓ Promoting an additional traffic source to effectively multiply leads & sales
✓ Startups need ing a website with a quick turn around time


Video Submissions

We’ll submit your video across numerous video-hosting websites, including YouTube.

Perfect For:

✓ Boosting your rankings for YouTube videos
✓ Increasing video distribution & awareness

Video Creation + Submissions

We’ll create a short video for you and submit it across numerous video-hosting websites, including YouTube. To
create the video, well take a few screenshots of your website along with relevant captions and a soundtrack to
create a ~60 second video.

Perfect For:

✓ Boosting your rankings for YouTube videos
✓ Increasing video distribution & awareness (On-Going, Climb & Defend)

We recommend ordering a “One Time Boost” package for the 1st month which is a powerful, kickstarter strategy. In order to preserve and build upon your rankings, order our “On-Going, Climb & Defend” Product.

60 Second Professional Video Commercial

Drive Leads, Phone Calls & Sales Easily With a Professional YouTube-Optimized Commercial! This is one of the most effective ways to drive results for clients in a very short time-frame, in today’s SEO environment. YouTube videos rank like clockwork, in even the most aggressive keyword verticals. Our skilled animators & video production team will create a professional video advert, that you can upload to popular sites like YouTube, and then rank in Google’s SERPs (which is currently very easy to do, for any keyword!) These videos are specifically designed to drive maximum engagement, with a professional voice actor, a strong call-to-action, and an engaging visual sequence to hold the prospect’s attention.

Perfect For:

✓ Boosting your rankings for YouTube videos
✓ Increasing engagement to get people to pick up the phone and call your business

Boost Website Brand Signals in Google

This is a special product, one that you likely won’t see anywhere else and it can give you a SERIOUS edge over your competitors when rolled out over the long term. Google uses a number of different metrics/signals to determine whether you’re a real BRAND or not. (Remember, Google is a BOT and so they have developed various ways to ascertain whether a site is “just a site” or some level of a Brand. Unlike us, they don’t just “know” what a brand is) Therefore – they look at your content, links, social media activity, brand mentions across the web and crucially, whether anyone is actually typing your brand/site into Google! This is a REAL quality signal and it’s even in one of their patents. See here for a simple explanation vs trying to sift through a patent yourself.


Let’s assume a scenario where there are 2 sites competing for a specific keyphrase – Site A & Site B.Site A & Site B have the same on-site and off-site metrics, but the glaring difference is that Site A has it’s brand searched for in Google regularly by searchers – Site B does not. Google is going to rank Site A (which gets brand searches) over Site B any day of the week.

The question is…

Do searchers type your site or brand name into Google regularly? Are you sending those critical signals to Google?
If not, your rankings are lower than they could be.

Get a HUGE edge over your competitors and order this product, on-going – so that you’re sending brand signals
to your site everyday, week and month! What you’ll notice over the months as your “branded searches” build up is that your site inflates across the board in the SERP’s. Just like when you start fixing your Panda issues, you see rankings increase – sitewide. For any site that you want to build long-term rankings for, order this product on an ongoing basis and let our
crowd searchers search for your brand every day.

What You Get:

✓ Our crowdsearch team will search for variations of your brand in Google, thus sending lots of brand signals to Google. Each month, we rotate the brand terms that are searched for in order to build in natural variation.
✓ When we land on your site, we’ll stay there for a while and search around on various pages to boost your onsite metrics as well (bounce rate reduction, increase time on site, increase pageviews).
✓ What you end up with are high quality branded searches where the visitor is staying for several minutes at least!

Perfect For:

✓ If no-one is searching for your brand/site in Google, we suggest this package as we’ll lightly search for your brand in Google on a daily basis.


Local Business Listing

We’ll submit your site to local directories such as Yellow Pages and Google Maps, which will allow your clients to find you more directly and locally. This also plays an important role with sending high authority links to your website. We’ll create an email account so that all email verifications are sent here which we check for up to 7 days after the submission date. This ensures that all verification emails have been received and dealt with accordingly. You will now have control of this account for your reference and also if you need to update your profiles.

Perfect For:
✓ Boosting site exposure for local keywords
✓ Increasing link variety and authority

Web 2.0 Authority Properties

Obtaining contextual links from Web 2.0 authority properties (PR5+) is an important strategy linking strategy simply because these sites are powerful, and the search engines love them. Not only will you receive extra link juice and authority from the links that have been built, but due to the additional link boosting, these properties will have an excellent chance of ranking themselves. This of course adds another layer of traffic for your site.

We’ll build 10 Web 2.0 authority properties and then, we heavily reinforce these properties (once published) with at least five thousand backlinks & citations using our SmartMention technology.  These properties include, but are not limited to:,,,, and more.

Perfect For:
✓ Boosting your sites authority
✓ Obtaining extra traffic through ranking these properties

Guest Posts

Real quality links from real sites that are actually ranking in Google – you honestly cant get much better than this. Google applies much more weight to sites that are actually ranking in Google – and of course the risk levels are practically zero when you’re getting links from real sites, and not fake ones.

With this service, our designated outreach managers and artful writers coordinate with each other to create a powerful publicity campaign that stretches out to key industry sites and authorities we can get our hands on for powerful links.

Do not under estimate the value of a handful of these links – very, very powerful. Ideally, you would combine these links with our other link products for the best results.

Perfect For:
✓ Obtaining powerful links from legitimate authority sites

High DA Backlink Boosting

This product has been designed to boost the power of your existing backlinks (not your main site). The proven concept is that by making the pages that your backlinks are on MORE powerful, the value of your backlinks increases. How These High DA Niche Blogposts Work: These links are posted across a network of ~35,000 independently owned websites, totaling millions of pages. The sites are scattered across thousands of servers and unique IP’s. Our system constantly spiders the entire network to ensure that your link remains live.

Perfect For:
✓ Increased power to existing backlinks
✓ Increased rankings from powerful backlinks

Pro Press Release

This is a very professional and high quality press release service. Our team of highly skilled press release writers will craft a power press release for you which has now been submitted into multiple distribution channels. There is a 98% chance that your release will be featured in Google News, and certainly in authority news sites such as The Press Enterprise, MercuryNews, The Boston Globe,, The Daily Herald and hundreds / thousands more. A truly effective way of increasing brand awareness and generating a surge of new links and diversity. In some cases, you’ll receive direct contact from interested readers, agencies, customers etc from the exposure.

This product uses an SEO press release. This means the writers will be creating a newsworthy event where none exists. They will be using info found on your website to create the press release. The goal of an SEO press release is to get quality links.

Perfect For:
✓ Boosting site exposure for local keywords
✓ Boosting # of unique referring domains
✓ Increasing site authority with links from “real” sites

Social Rank

We provide you with social posts linking to your website using our own proprietary technology to add authority to them which will drive rankings and authority to your website. What you are getting are 3 social posts from Twitter, Google+ & Facebook that will help to drive up your rankings and authority. For best results, this is most effective when used in conjunction with guest posts, backlink boosting, press releases etc.

Perfect For:
✓ Boosting site exposure for local keywords
✓ Increasing link variety and authority

Social Bookmarks

These are low volume, high quality manual social bookmark submissions to quality sites, each with unique titles and descriptions. This favors the direction in which Google is headed (low volume, high quality links). 99% of social bookmarking sites assign “NoFollow” to their outgoing links but this doesn’t mean they don’t carry any weight. NF links are still valuable and should be part of a diversified backlink profile. We will submit your website to popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg, delicious etc using unique accounts only. Within a week or so, many of these links will already be indexed and likely have a positive effect on your rankings.

Perfect For:
✓ Additional link variety from “busy” sites
✓ Promoting internal pages and targeting long-tail keywords



Campaign Architect

What’s the fastest way to boost rankings & traffic for your specific site, situation and budget? There’s no canned answer. It takes an expert analysis of your site, your market, and your existing assets (backlinks, existing rankings, etc.) to determine the best course of action for maximum impact.

Introducing: The Expert Campaign Architect Just tell us your objectives, and we’ll show you the fastest possible way to achieve them, at the highest possible ROI.

This isn’t an automated script. These reports & customized campaigns are built by our experts who have years of
SEO experience with ultimate results!

What You Get:

✓ A clear 3-month link promotional roadmap created by our SEO experts. (we tell you exactly what to order)
✓ The roadmap will be based on your specific site, situation and budget. It’s 100% custom.
Real Time Reporting & Insights
Finally, now it’s easy to measure the real-life impact of your SEO, and automatically uncover your best

What You Get:

✓ Measure actual ROI from your campaigns in real-time!
✓ Discover the true impact from organic traffic, and see how it stacks up against your other channels
✓ Discover where you’re almost ranking – for keywords you might not even know about!
✓ Uncover where your competitors are spending all their money with Adwords, and then rank for them organically
✓ Instantly identify your best candidates for backlink reinforcement (this is 10X more effective than only building
new links).


Authority – The amount of trust that a site is credited with for a particular search query. Authority/trust is derived from related incoming links from other trusted sites.

Authority Site – A website which has many incoming links from other related expert/hub sites. Because of this simultaneous citation from trusted hubs an authority site usually has high trust, pagerank, and search results placement. Wikipedia, is an example of an authority site.

Backlink (Inbound Link) – Link pointing to one website from another website or Any link into a page or site from
any other page or site.

BOT (robot, spider, crawler) – A program which performs a task more or less autonomously. Search engines use bots to find and add web pages to their search indexes. Spammers often use bots to “scrape” content for the purpose of plagiarizing it for exploitation by the Spammer.

Bounce Rate – The percentage of users who enter a site and then leave it without viewing any other pages. The lower the number, the better.

Content (text, copy) – The part of a web page that is intended to have value for and be of interest to the user. Advertising, navigation, branding and boilerplate are not usually considered to be content.

Conversion (goal) – Achievement of a quantifiable goal on a website. Add clicks, sign ups, and sales are examples of conversions.

Conversion Rate – Percentage of users who convert to a specific goal.

DA (domain authority) – A score that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERP). Domain Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

Directory – A site devoted to directory pages. The Yahoo directory is an example.

Duplicate Content – Obviously content which is similar or identical to that found on another website or page. A site may not be penalized for serving duplicate content but it will receive little if any Trust from the search engines compared to the content that the SE considers being the original.

Index (noun) – a database of WebPages and their content used by the search engines.

Index (verb) – to add a web page to a search engine index.

Indexed Pages – The pages on a site which have been indexed.

Keyword / Key phrase – The word or phrase that a user enters into a search engine.

Keyword Density – The percentage of words on a web page which are a particular keyword. If this value is unnaturally high the page may be penalized.

Link Building – actively cultivating incoming links to a site.

Link Juice – The weight of the trust and authority an inbound link carries.

Long Tail – Longer more specific search queries that are often less targeted than shorter broad queries. For example a search for “widgets” might be very broad while “red widgets with reverse threads” would be a long tail search. A large percentage of all searches are long tail searches/

Nofollow – A command found in web code which instructs robots to not follow either any links on the page or the specific link. A form of link condom.

Penalty / Google Penalty – The negative impact on a website’s search rankings based on updates to Google’s search algorithms and/or manual review. The penalty can be an unfortunate by-product of an algorithm update or an intentional penalization for various black-hat SEO techniques.

PR (pagerank) – A value between 0 and 1 assigned by the Google algorithm, which quantifies link popularity and
trust among other (proprietary) factors.

Robot – A specialized program used by search engines to find and add web pages to their indexes.

ROI (Return On Investment) – One use of analytics software is to analyze and quantify return on investment.

Search Engine (SE) – A program, which searches a document or group of documents for relevant matches of a users keyword phrase and returns a list of the most relevant matches. Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo search the entire internet for relevant matches.

SERP – Acronym for Search Engine Results Page

Social Bookmark – A form of Social Media where users bookmarks are aggregated for public access.

Spider (bot, crawler) – A specialized bot used by search engines to find and add web pages to their indexes.

Web 2.0 – Websites which encourage user interaction