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Lesson 2 - Easy Lead Generation

A lot of small business owners really don't understand the purpose of their website. To some, they think it's a form of advertising, while others think of it as a glorified business card.  But your website has one reason and one reason only, and that's to collect leads.

Your website is a lead generation machine... period.

But most small local businesses have it all wrong. I could pull up 10 websites in any service based industry here in Hampton Roads and I bet 9 out of 10 are exactly the same.  They all have a phone number that says "Call Now", a form on the page that says "Free Consultation", a couple of paragraphs that explain all about them and their company and then they list their services on their service tab in the navigation menu.

I agree that all of that information needs to be on the website, but not all of it on the front page.  If you missed Lesson 1 where I give you a template on the perfect website layout, go back and read it... it'll make todays session make sense.

Now back to todays lesson.  

Free consultation forms and phone number calls to action used to work really well 10 years ago.  Today, people are looking for information they can use now that will give them some type of immediate benefit.

What you need to have in place front and center on the top half of your website is what's called an "ethical bribe" or "lead magnet".  Basically, you're exchanging their email address for something of value.

Let me give you some examples.  

If you're a divorce attorney, you could offer a quick report on how to make sure the divorce goes fair for both parties.  A perfect headline could read:

"Don't Let Your Ex Rip You Off In Court.  Discover How To Pay The Minimum Requirement of Child Support and Alimony. Enter Your Name and Email In The Form Below For Instant Access To This Must Read FREE Report."

If you're a dentist, you could offer a guide on how to keep extremely white teeth.  A perfect headline could read:

"Discover The Number One Secret Dentists Use To Keep Their Teeth Pearly White Using This One Household Ingredient!"

If you own a local restaurant, you could give something away or offer a discount:

"FREE Appetizer On Your Next Visit... Enter Your Email To Claim This Offer Now!"

If you're a master electrician, you could offer a report on how to reduce their electric bill.  A perfect headline could read:

"Learn How You Can Reduce Your Electric Bill By 17% Every Month By Doing This Just Once A Day!"

If you're a financial advisor, offer them a quick ebook on how to kickstart great money management habits.  A perfect headline could read:

"Managing Money Doesn't Have To Be Hard.  Download My FREE Financial Road Map To Set The Foundation Of An Early Retirement!"

I could go on and on and come up with perfect lead magnets for every industry... by now you can see the value of actually offering them something they can consume quickly and get some sort of benefit or result after doing so.

Your business needs to stand out.  It has to do something different in order to get noticed.  Giving something of value that gives immediate results will always out perform asking for their information for a consultation or to simply join your newsletter.  If you think about it, why would they join your newsletter, there's nothing in it for them.

But this is where the true power of collecting emails using a lead magnet comes in.  Before we move forward, you'll need marketing automation software.  It sounds fancy but really all it does is automatically send emails based on your visitors actions.  For example, they opt into your newsletter via your lead magnet and the software will send them your welcome email with the download link.  Then the next day the software will send them an email telling to follow you on social media and you also leave links to your best content.  You write the emails and you decide when they go out.  The one I personally use is ActiveCampaign. It has a awesome looking and user friendly UI and setting up campaigns are a breeze. 

Now this is what you're going to want to do.  The day after they opt into your newsletter via your lead magnet, send them to what I call an "RWA Form" which stands for Ready, Willing and Able.

Remember, customers will only buy when they're ready, willing and able to do so and not when WE think they are.  And this form will weed out those who aren't and will only send you those who are ready to give you money.

Let's use a handy man service who's generating leads using a lead magnet.  A simple form could say:

--- Begin Form ---

Tell us about your Home:

What changes are you looking to make?

Have you ever made renovated or upgraded your home before?

What was the average cost of the remodels?

How much are you budgeting for your next project?

When will you be looking to do this work? Now, 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months

What else would you like to tell us?

What number should we call?

Who should we ask for?

What's a good email address to reach you at?

--- End Form ---

Now imagine that you're the handy man and you're generating 15 leads a week.  What would it feel like to receive responses that say: 

  • I have a 15 year old 2500sqft home that's had the kitchen and master bath redone.
  • I'm looking to install hardwood floors through the entire downstairs minus the kitchen
  • I've spent on average $17,500 between the two previous projects
  • I have a budget of $20,000 and will use any leftover money on other smaller upgrades
  • I'm looking to get started in the next 14 - 30 days
  • How soon can you come over and give me an estimate?
  • call (757) 555-1212
  • Ask for George
  • email [email protected]

This RWA form automatically sifts, sorts and qualifies the hottest prospects for you so you can focus on serving those that are ready to start now.  This was possible because it all started with the lead magnet.  Simply put, "FREE Consultations" don't work that well anymore.

You want to be building your email newsletter list and aggressively follow up for the first seven days (remember, you load up the emails and they will send out automatically at any interval you decide).  In marketing, there's a saying... "The money is in the list and the fortune is in the followup!"

What I've attached for you is a lead magnet worksheet. It's designed for you to quickly think of what you're going to offer, how your going to deliver (ebook, video, white paper, etc) along with an 8-point checklist to make sure you've crafted the perfect lead magnet.  It shouldn't take you long at all!

Make sure you get this done and implement it... at least the lead magnet part of it and I promise you'll be surprised on the bump in conversions you'll have.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me by filling out the form below!

Eric McLaughlin - Owner, Aquirr Inbound Digital Marketing


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